Confined 3D fracture propagation

A confined 3D fracture propagation with particular assessment of the damage induced to the cap rock (and under-burden).  This can provide significant understanding into fracture containment and cap rock integrity – another differentiating benefit of Elfen-tgr.

I am delighted to announce that Rockfield has agreed to appoint Tony Addis as President of Rockfield Middle East and Pacific, who will soon be responsible for the company’s operations across the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. We are currently in the process of establishing a branch office in Abu Dhabi from where Tony will be based. Pending Tony’s commencement with the company, all enquiries should continue to be directed to the UK & USA office.

This further demonstrates Rockfield's commitment to providing dedicated consultancy services and software products to the Oil & Gas Industry in creating offices to better serve both existing and potential clients in the future within specific geographical regions.