We focus on working closely with our clients throughout the project timeline and utilise our Elfen Software to promptly construct client specific models from available data, complete simulations with numerous sensitivities and interpret, critically assess the results to reduce technical uncertainty and risk in a disciplined manner.

Rockfield’s ethos is to continuously provide industries with solutions, pushing the boundaries of numerical modelling within each of its disciplines to evolve the technical capability of our Elfen software.

Projects are routinely built with Elfen training and technology transfer that will enable the client to replicate workflows utilised during the project and can span a duration from days to several months.

Consultancy project scope 

  • Constructing dependable and stable geological models in 2D & 3D from basin to field to wellbore scale.
  • Utilising the Elfen modelling tools to assess, substantiate and enhance client understanding of their respective fields.
  • Geological evolution of field stress, material, deformation & trap history, fault movement and salt tectonics.
  • Static and Dynamic Reservoir Field Scale Modelling coupled to reservoir simulators.
  • Reservoir compaction, subsidence & fault reactivation.
  • Stress and Strain analysis and fault modelling.
  • Fracture analysis and prediction.
  • Well-life modelling of near wellbore processes.
  • Completion and well string assessment.
  • Injection and depletion, induced permeability damage.
  • Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical coupling.
  • Full mining excavation simulation to investigate effects of open pit, long wall & block caving strategies.
  • Investigation of the suitability of strata for long term burial of radioactive waste.

Joint Industry Projects

Working in partnership with industry leading companies, academics and geoscientists to develop Elfen for bespoke solutions since 2007.

Intelligent Hydraulic Fracturing (FRACGAS III)

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique widely used within the petroleum industry to enhance recovery of hydrocarbons from very low porosity reservoirs.


Term length: 3 years

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Compstruct 2020

The COMPSTRUCT JIP started in 2007 with the primary aim of investigating issues that relate to the practical application of geomechanical modelling to the evolution of structural geology applications.


Term length: Rolling 1 year contract

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