The consultancy department is tightly linked to the other departments of Rockfield and feed directly into the development plan to continuously increase the capabilities of the Elfen software suite whilst all the time delivering high quality projects to their clients.

Many companies from all sectors of engineering rely on Rockfield’s consultancy services to primarily build their models in the quickest possible time, run simulations and critically assess/interpret the results to provide tangible business value to complex modelling. This is commonly followed up by transferring the models, results sets and interpretation to the client’s host location along with a software license to further run sensitivities in-house.

Rockfield have worked in excess of 200 geomechanical projects around the globe to provide a truly professional service to their clients. Rockfield maintains expertise in all sectors where consultancy services have been provided, from glass forming, home & personal products and nuclear burial, but significantly in the last 15 years, geomechanics; specialising in wellbore stability incorporating completions, hydraulic fracturing in tight gas reservoirs soon to be extended into oil reservoirs, geological evolutionary modelling (forward modelling) and static & dynamic reservoir modelling.

Rockfield's consultancy team consist of head of department - Adam Bere; Geomechanics advisors - Jun Kato, Tony Addis and Uno Mutlu; 3 projects managers and a team of consulting engineers who are all highly experienced in their respective fields and also expert users within all aspects of the Elfen software suite.

It is Rockfield’s ethos to maintain the consulting group activities to continuously provide industries with specific solutions not available elsewhere, and to push the boundaries of numerical modelling within each of its core sectors to evolve the technical capability of the Elfen software even further - subsequently keeping the title of most advanced numerical software tool in the World.