The Elfen technologies are all inclusive software packages, not reliant on any third party products, with strategically developed capabilities and functions.

Elfen comprises a pre & post processor for complete model build and results assessment, mesh generator for various element types, implicit & explicit analysis solver modules and a range of input/output integration with 3rd party software to complement existing workflows.

Elfen contains a wide range of features for solving multi-physics, multi-scale, highly non-linear problems for both continuum and discontinuum domains.

Elfen’s flexibility and modelling power has allowed it to be successfully utilised in a wide range of industries

  • Geotechnical - Deep level mining, rock-blasting, seismology, tunnelling & support design, quarrying and open cast mining, oil and gas resource recovery, radioactive waste storage (nuclear burial), slope stability, retaining walls, mining, spud can analysis, masonry structures.
  • Forming Processes - Bulk forming, sheet forming, drawing, extrusion, rolling.
  • Civil Engineering - Seismic structural integrity/resistance analysis, strength of masonry structures, ground water flow, performance of anchors, slope stability and retaining walls.
  • Packaging - Glass container forming, can forming, container integrity testing – axial crush, panelling, dynamic impacts.
  • Particulates - Dragline processes, blast operations, micro behaviour of materials.
  • General Continuum Problems - Integrity of mechanical components, impact analysis, deformation of multi-phase materials.

Our Software

Elfen Forward Modelling Software

Elfen Forward Modelling

Accurate large strain Finite Element simulations of
geological evolution.

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Elfen Horizon Reservoir Software

Elfen Horizon Reservoir

Prediction of Static & Dynamic response of the subsurface incorporating pre-production and post-production changes in the field.

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Elfen TGR Hydraulic Fracturing Software

Elfen TGR Hydraulic Fracturing

An advanced application to answer challenging fracture design problems at multiple scales.

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Elfen Wellbore Software

Elfen Wellbore

A standalone software application to model wellbore and near wellbore throughout the life of the well.

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Elfen Advanced Software

Elfen Advanced

Elfen Advanced provides a full understanding of the stress regime, deformation, seismogenic zone, particle size prediction and production profile that results from the excavation of open pits, long wall mines or sub-level caves.

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