World Leaders in Advanced Finite Element – Discrete Element Technology and Applications since 1985.


Geomechanical Analysis

Elfen technology underpins a range of leading products developed in-house by Rockfield to address the challenges faced by the Oil & Gas, mining and waste disposal industries.

Elfen gd
Glass Modelling and Design

Elfen Glass Design (GD) is a suite of modelling programs which are designed to provide glassmakers with decision support system tools to aid in the design, production and quality control of glass containers.

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Advanced Finite/Discrete Element Modelling

It contains a wide range of features for solving multi-physics, multi-scale, highly non-linear problems for both continuum and discontinuum domains.

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Our consultancy service provides computational solutions and independent advice to individual industrial problems. expert users within all aspects of the elfen software suite.


We have configured different levels of learning, from a basic understanding of the ELFEN suite of software right up to industry-tailored applications.