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Geomechanics Database

Newly Updated

Rockfield have updated the Geomechanics Database provided by both Rockfield and the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), which includes both elastic and plastic material properties (including yield surface formats of Mohr-Coulomb & Rockfield’s critical state material model known as SR3 or Soft Rock 3).  The database, which is provided in Excel format, has been updated to not only contain materials which are relevant analogues for some North Sea sandstone formations, but also now includes other generic sandstones:-


  • Idaho
  • Boise
  • Rothbach
  • Adamswiller
  • Berea


  • Sherwood
  • Hollington
  • Penrith
  • Darley Dale

The database enables the user to visualise in 2D and 3D the elastic and plastic surfaces associated with the Rockfield SR3 material model and Mohr Coulomb where available.  The user can input datapoints (stress conditions) relevant to the current or predicted conditions of their field (pre-production, depleted or injected conditions) and compare to the database material elasticity and strength characteristics.


This is a valuable tool providing those involved in geomechanics a quick look-up as to whether the reservoir or store could potentially experience irrecoverable or accelerated dilation/compaction.


The OGA Geomechanics Database is available to download here:

Download Geomechanics Database




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