Utilised in a number of sectors due to its flexibility and modelling capability: Civil Engineering, Geotechnical, Manufacturing / Forming, Mining and Radioactive Waste Containment.

Elfen comprises a pre & post processor for complete model build and results assessment, mesh generator for various element types, implicit & explicit analysis solver modules and a range of interfaces to 3rd party software.

Elfen supports a wide range of sectors and applications with accurate simulations

  • Multi-physics / Multi-scale
  • Mechanical and geomechanical continuum
  • Thermal field simulation
  • Seepage & Fluid field simulations
  • Multi-field coupling of different physical fields
  • Mechanical coupled with Thermal field
  • Mechanical coupled with Seepage field
  • Mechanical coupled with Seepage and Thermal fields

Bench blasting courtesy of ORICA Explosives


Spud can installation during jack-up rig placement.


Sensory feedback through FE Analysis of a finger


Expandable Sand Screen


Elfen produces accurate simulations that can be utilised across a number of sectors to make informed decisions which can lead to reduced cost, improved safety and increased productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-scale spatial and temporal modelling capabilities
  • Grain to kilometres/miles spatial scales
  • Seconds to millennia time scales
  • Multi-body interaction
  • Discrete element and side-line multi-body interaction
  • Frictional contact with linear or non-linear compliances
  • Fracture & fragmentation
  • Constitutive models for fracture initiation based on damage and fracture mechanics
  • Fracture propagation without need of seeding
  • Advanced technology for solving complex modelling cases
  • Implicit & Explicit time integration solvers
  • Implicit solver using direct, sparse or iterative schemes
  • Explicit solver with automatic time step calculation
  • Parallel solver for explicit multi-field simulations
  • Loading functions, initial and boundary conditions
  • Gravitational, lithostatic and hydrostatic loading and boundary conditions
  • Pore pressure & temperature loading
  • Geostatic initial conditions
  • Geostatic initialisation
  • Automatic adaptive mesh update for large deformation
  • Prediction of new element sizes based on FE error estimation or element distortion
  • Generation of new mesh either on whole domain or locally in critical areas
  • Advanced Finite Element formulations
  • Strain enhanced and stabilised elements for both Implicit and Explicit codes
  • Finite strains description of large deformation (Lagrangian description of kinematics, total and updated formulations for stress)
  • Finite displacement description of large movements and large rotations

Elfen Advanced can be utilised in multiple industries

Wellbore case study

SPE159262 – Laboratory Testing and Numerical Modelling of Fracture Propagation from Deviated Wells in Poorly Consolidated Formations

The Project

The foundation of this work was over 40 fracturing laboratory tests to measure fracture geometries for a range of well deviations, differential horizontal stresses and rock strength. The samples tested were from three outcrops with unconfined compressive strength (UCS) values ranging from 300-1000 psi. For boreholes having low deviation angles and small differential stresses a vertical single planar fracture became mode complex, with transverse turning fractures no longer aligned with the wellbore.

The Software

These laboratory results were used to develop and calibrate a new fully-3D finite element model that predicts non-planar fracture growth, using the finite element code ELFEN. The model matches the details of the laboratory tests, including the transition from planar vertical to non-planar transverse fractures as the well deviation, azimuth and stress differentials increase.

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