Rockfield Training

Our established training programmes are applicable for any professional working in the geoscientist arena and can be tailored to suit complexity and budget.

Gaining the most from Elfen is essential to optimising your business requirements and training is a crucial component, empowering you to unlock ‘what is possible’. Utilising our expertise can only prove beneficial to the further development of your staff and analysis capabilities.

Our training programmes

Designed with our clients to deliver the required aspects

Elfen introduction

Fundamental Finite Element tutoring utilising Elfen Software. Linear, Nonlinear, Post processing

3 days

Elfen advanced

Tutoring on all aspects of the Elfen Software. Investigating Linear, Nonlinear, Adaptive remeshing, Contact Algorithms, Post Processing. This module covers all aspects of Mining and Radioactive Waste Assessment.

5 days

Elfen fm

Intensive training of forward modelling of structural geology applications using a physics based finite element software. Investigating 2D & 3D salt tectonics and discovering the full range of geological phenomena such as; deposition, erosion, tectonic deformation & isostasy.

5 days

Elfen horizon

Static & dynamic field scale modelling, incorporating well string assessment, compaction & subsidence, fault slip due to depletion and/or pore pressure prediction.

3 days

Elfen wellbore

Open Hole Assessment, Completions, Injection and depletion, induced permeability damage.

3 days

Elfen tgr

Fundamental Finite Element tutoring utilising Elfen software. Linear, Nonlinear, Post processing

3 days

Technology transfer

At consultancy project completion a technology transfer is undertaken to ensure a smooth transition from Rockfield to the client’s workflow, allowing the client to run simulations and sensitivities independently

2-5 days

Critical state material behaviour & implications to sub-surface operations

Rockfield are delighted to have added to their repertoire of training courses a short course on Critical State Material Behaviour and Implications to Sub-surface Operations, designed to be provided through a variety of web-based teleconference facilities to suit the client

  Course Outline    Course Overview

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