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Wellbore / Salt Closure

Rockfield were requested to develop a model to assess the salt closure on the well string and the potential damage of different casings at various depths.

Model is comprised of a 3D geometry – pseudo plane strain with both the salt and the casing represented. The mudweight within the casing and the annulus represented by face loads. Mudweight within the casing and the annulus represented by face loads. Initial conditions.

Salt creep deformation in a non-cemented wellbore and casing


Quarter-symmetry and full wellbore deformation modelling


Comparison of deformation rate across different steady state creep models


Our Software

A standalone software application comprising multiple modules to model the wellbore and near wellbore throughout the life-of-the-well.

Elfen Wellbore

Elfen Wellbore

Elfen Advanced provides a full understanding of the stress regime, deformation, seismogenic zone, particle size prediction and production profile that results from the excavation of open pits, long wall mines or sub-level caves.

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