Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) involves the deliberate initiation of sand influx during the completion procedure, maintenance of sand influx during the productive life of the well, and implementation of methods to separate the sand from the oil for disposal. The sand is produced along with oil, water and gas and separated from the oil before upgrading to synthetic crude.

Rockfield have engaged on numerous projects in relation to CHOPS to allow a better understanding of the phenomena governing the production performance of the field. Utilising our software, Elfen can enhance the field scale model to capture the observed field directional behaviour. Incorporating the field scale material property distribution to release more heterogeneous property distribution. Utilising Elfen’s multi-phase flow simulator instead of single-phase flow simulator. Applying progressive modelling methodology from field initialization to longer term production and injection of 4 years. Combining Mechanical, Mass Trasnport and two-phase flow mechanisms.

Saturation of Oil incorporating 38 well model


Viscosity Impact on Sand Mass Production


Saturation of oil


Elfen can enhance the field scale model to capture the observed field directional behaviour

Features and Benefits

  • Robust modelling of complex phenomena demonstrating oil/water flow with permeability enhancement and grain migration
  • Produced water & oil & sand can be captured from each well and suitably presented
  • Worm-hole generation is captured within the Elfen simulation
  • Viscosity Impact on Sand Mass Production capability

Our Software

Elfen’s flexibility and modelling power has allowed it to be successfully utilised in a wide range of industries. We have developed specialist software modules to cater towards your specific industry. 

Elfen Advanced

Elfen Advanced

Elfen Advanced provides a full understanding of the stress regime, deformation, seismogenic zone, particle size prediction and production profile that results from the excavation of open pits, long wall mines or sub-level caves.

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