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Stress Shadow Impact of Fracture Growth and Geometry

Adam Bere - Robe Talk


Rockfield had the honour of presenting at the HFC Robe Talk series, where Adam Bere presented, "Stress Shadow Impact of Fracture Growth and Geometry".


Click here to view the presentation slides (.pdf) 

Adam Bere – Director of Rockfield Consultancy Department, independently technically reviewing all elements of projects prior to client release and continuously managing all aspects that go with a busy, world leading, geomechanics software company. Also feeds into many areas of the day-to-day operation of Rockfield providing both commercial and technological structure into the Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) and Rockfield’s continuous R&D to help drive the future strategy of the company, identification and scoping of “generic software tools for the industry” all driven from our core product Elfen.
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