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Rockfield have collaborated with the Oil & Gas Authority to provide a training course to operators involved in the UKCS. The course will focus on the mechanical properties of geo-materials commonly found in the UKCS. It will provide a detailed understanding of both the behaviour of these materials caused by operational activities, including pressure depletion/injection and CO2 injection, and the importance of reservoir geomechanics.

The OGA & Rockfield are offering approximately 30 places on the above mentioned training course at zero cost to participants and priority will be given to individuals who are currently actively working on UKCS petroleum and/or carbon storage licences and assets.


The course will be run over 6 half-day sessions to avoid Microsoft Teams fatigue on the 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 23rd and 25th June and will consist of the following topics:-

  • Introduction to Stress and Strain in Geomaterials
  • Conventional models and Extension to Critical State
  • Critical State Material Models
  • Exercises:
    • Elfen wellbore – demonstration of elastic, perfectly plastic and shear softening
    • Stress path assessments for typical material responses
    • Material characterisations from lab tests
  • To conclude the course, participants will be introduced to field examples where critical state and advanced constitutive behaviours are observed:
    • Wellbore stability – rupture modes, influence of bedding/anisotropy
    • Shale creep – activating shale to form well barriers
    • Reservoir stress paths and permeability evolution
    • Sanding failure modes – field Examples

This is an excellent opportunity for those operators and service companies alike to enrol on the sponsored training course to understand your material to the fullest extent.

For more information please refer to the presentation Critical State Material Models

A link to the OGA website on these topics is found here:  Oil and Gas Authority: Thirty places on upcoming geomechanics training course 2021

And you can register your interest by following the link below:

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