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Excellent paper in the Journal of Structural Geology

Integrating kinematic restoration and forward finite element simulations to constrain the evolution of salt diapirism and overburden deformation in evaporite basins J. Ryan Thigpen, Dan Roberts, J. Kent Snow, Christopher D. Walker, Adam Bere

Many of the world's prolific hydrocarbon provinces lie in passive margin salt basins (e.g., Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, North Sea, Lower Congo, Campos, and Precaspian basins; Hudec and Jackson, 2007; Rowan and Ratliff, 2012) and many major deepwater fields in these basins are influenced by salt structures. Along these evaporite-floored passive margins, gravity driven collapse and basin prograding sedimentation leads to development of an updip extensional zone that is kinematically linked with a downdip contractional system along a common master detachment

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