Simulate no-holds-barred wellbore stability incorporating

all mechanical behaviours with an easy to use UI

The Elfen wellbore – Free 14 day Trial includes:


Elfen wellbore bullet.PNG    Advanced wellbore stability – Simulate no-holds-barred wellbore stability incorporating all mechanical behaviours.

Elfen wellbore bullet.PNG    Pre-loaded templates – Real-world scenarios are contained within customisable templates to enable fast and efficient model building.

Elfen wellbore bullet.PNG    Well log integration – Full integration of your well logs allowing data manipulation, assessment and display options as well as direct

                                              transfer of key variables into the wellbore stability module.

Elfen wellbore bullet.PNG    Sensitivity simulations – Simple assessment of the sensitivity of key parameters, and tools for effortless evaluation.

Elfen wellbore bullet.PNG    Ease of use – Open the project template and run the simulation with 3 clicks and within 5 minutes for pre-defined model. Modify model

                                 conditions (in-situ field conditions and drilling schedule) with user-friendly workflow.




Elfen wellbore software is a simple yet powerful tool for simulating wellbore stability incorporating all mechanical behaviours.

Utilised to conduct analytical calculations which predict the onset of plastic yielding and damage around a wellbore.

To overcome the limits of analytical assumptions Elfen well log is directly integrated with Elfen wellbore, a dedicated Finite Element software package for modelling near-wellbore scenarios.

Models can be used to more accurately assess areas of concern initially raised from analytical estimates and furthermore with advanced constitutive material models various complex mechanisms can be captured.

Hope you are all staying safe,
John Cain


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