Bringing the Personal Touch Back to Modelling Software

Bringing the Personal Touch Back to Modelling Software

Bringing the Personal Touch Back to Modelling Software

John Cain, 6th April 2021


So here we are, fifteen months into the pandemic. Finally, we can see a glimmer of hope that things are easing back toward what we once took for granted.

It’s been a learning curve for all of us.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been halfway through a sentence before noticing my clients or colleagues waving frantically, telling me that I’m on mute.

Despite how accustomed we were to holding teleconferences, there are now so many variations and system settings, we’re inevitably going to miss that mute button when we need it most.



We used to travel a lot, spending an inordinate amount of time on planes and transferring through airports.

It felt laborious at the time, but it proved to be the right approach for our business.

We generated interest, raised the profile of our brand and products, and ultimately kept the business moving forward.

Today, I have to admit, I actually miss the 10-hour flights – although not so much the 3-hour transfers.

The flights gave us uninterrupted time to think about our business strategy, the direction of the company, and the approach we wanted to take with individual clients.

We even discussed the intricacies of SR3 modelling at 37,000 feet. You know who you are!

I’m sure we won’t return to the realms of a frequent flyer anytime soon, but we will get back to visiting clients, old and new.

We look forward to touting our wares in front of groups that react like kids in a candy shop when we show them animations of forward modelling or hydraulic fracturing.

Some of the things we can simulate – especially with our Wellbore 1.7.1 trial release that was recently overhauled by the UI department – have eyebrows raising like a bascule bridge with a ship passing beneath!


It’s Personal

We are a personal company that has strived for over 30 years to bring a personal touch to our dealings with clients.

We have built deep relationships with many of you over the years.

So, rest assured, as soon as we’re permitted to visit your offices or meet in the coffee shop just outside, we will be back to shake your hand, fist bump, or elbow tap.

We’ll grab a coffee and chat about football, rugby, sailing, skiing – whatever sport you like.

Oh, and geomechanics. Because we love geomechanics!


What do you miss most about those in-person meetings?  How can we support you best while we wait for travel and meetings to return to our everyday lives? 

Share your thoughts by dropping me a line at john.cain@rockfieldglobal.com

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