Joint Industry Projects

Rockfield has a number of streams to constantly further the development and evolution of the software platform Elfen. This is funded through either internal funding of GUI’s, technical developments or small plugins for data import/export & visualisation purposes, Client specific funding of anything from enhancement to fully customisable front-ends for a bespoke User Experience or through Joint Industry funded projects. Primarily Rockfield channels its JIPs through ITF – Industry Technology Facilitators

Compstruct 2015/2016

Term length: Rolling 1 year contract

The COMPSTRUCT JIP started in 2007 with the primary aim of investigating issues that relate to the practical application of geomechanical modelling to the evolution of structural geology applications.

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Term length: 2 years

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique widely used within the petroleum industry to enhance recovery of hydrocarbons from very low porosity reservoirs.

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Enhanced integrated geomechanics-seismic model for improvement of lifecycle performance of tight gas sand reservoirs

Sponsors: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, DECC and Shell.

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Integrated Petroleum Engineering - Geomechanics – Geophysics – Next Generation Technology for the Petroleum Industry - IPEGG

Sponsors: BG, BP, ENI, Statoil

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Improved hydraulic fracture stimulation of tight gas reservoirs using FE modelling and microseismic monitoring

Sponsors: BP, Chevron, TOTAL, Marathon, ExxonMobil, EBN, Nexen, Noble, Repsol, BG

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