Compstruct 2018

The COMPSTRUCT JIP started in 2007 with the primary aim of investigating issues that relate to the practical application of geomechanical modelling to the evolution of structural geology applications.

Some of the key deliverables and understandings to come out of COMPSTRUCT are;

Development of software module Elfen FM that simulate the physics of the evolution of geological structures.

An improved understanding of the conditions and mechanisms that lead to the development of naturally observed structures, such as anticlines and detached folds.  This has been achieved via predictive modelling of several field observations; e.g. outcrops and field applications, using minimally constrained models.

Investigations of the impact of different boundary conditions and material evolution on several predicted structural styles, including the influence of tectonic movements on pore pressure evolution.

Several Generic Feature Models have been created, based on various geological structures, that allow users to quickly and easily carry out their own parametric studies to investigate key influences on the formation of these structures.

Any parties who wish to participate in the project should contact Rockfield directly using the details on the Contact Us page.

It is proposed to undertake the following work tasks under the COMPSTRUCT 2015/2016 work programme, these being;

Task 1 – Improving the Performance and Usability of COMPSTRUCT FM

Task 2 – Developing a Framework for Incorporating Flexural Isostasy

Task 3 – Generic Feature Models

Participation fee: £30,000 per annum

Term length: Rolling 1 year contract

Discount available on the Elfen fm licence

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