For over thirty years Rockfield have developed Elfen as the state-of-the-art Discrete/Finite Element tool for widespread application to a range of geomechanical challenges.

The Elfen technologies are all inclusive software packages, resulting from organic development of differentiating capabilities and functions - Elfen is not reliant on any third party products. Input/output integration into these packages enable compatibility with existing workflows with communication between 3rd party packages to realise full benefits from import of data to the post processing of results.

In addition to the standard advanced software package, Elfen is provided in four main software packages specifically developed for the geomechanical Oil & Gas market to address a range of field development issues from exploration, appraisal, to development, re-development and field abandonment: Elfen fm, Elfen horizon, Elfen wellbore and Elfen tgr.

The Elfen Geomechanical Software Suite is made available to industry through:

  • Software sales 
  • Consultancy services 
  • Bespoke client developments 
  • Performing Joint Industry Projects

The following describes the underlying Elfen Finite Element and Discrete Element numerical capabilities developed by Rockfield and the software developments for applying this to the Oil & Gas industry’s challenges, including the main functions and features of the different software programmes.