Supporting Cystic Fibrosis Charity Golf Day

Supporting Cystic Fibrosis Charity Golf Day

by John Cain


On Friday 9th July Rockfield took part in a charity golf day held at the prestigious Langland Bay Golf Course on the Gower Peninsula, close to the offices of Rockfield in aid of raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. The team members consisted of John Cain, Adam Bere, Matthew Profit and Dave Davies.

And this is where is gets interesting. Apart from a regular visit to TopGolf on our trips to Houston to pass the time and get some fresh air before boarding another long-haul flight back home, Adam and I don’t have a lot of golf experience, whereas Matthew who many years ago used to play off 1 and Dave who used to play off 5 so it was a real mixed bag of capabilities. 


Figure 1. A lovely view of the course in superb condition.


We teed off at approximately 11am and all got off ok. Our aim was to get six birdies over the 18 holes and considering we were playing Texas Scramble and the team members we should it was a done deal. After 9 holes we still needed 6 birdies and I could feel the dropping of heads with regards to achieving this stretch target.

By the time we had reached the 17th hole there were 2 drives to make, sadly they fell on Adams and my shoulders, but we were up for the task (or so we felt). I teed off first and it sounded lovely and then took a turn to the left (a hook in golfing terminology), but it was just off the fairway, thank goodness. Adam steps up and hits a cracker but it veered off to the right and ended up in a worse situation than mine.


Figure 2. Views over the course towards Caswell and Pwll-du beaches.


Add in to this, that it was Dave’s childrens last day at school, so he had to leave us to it on the 18th and so it came down to Adam for the last drive of the day. He hit it and it bounced but sadly didn’t get very far, mine even though we weren’t playing my tee shot disappeared off to the right and we waited for a few seconds for a pane of glass being shattered by a golf ball, but all was silent, thankfully.


Figure 3. You can see how deep the rough is. Hence a few balls got lost during my round.


We end up having a six on the 18th which made our score 5 over, which is way off where we were hoping to be at the start of the game 4.5 hours earlier.

We retired to the outdoor area often known as the 19th and had a beer to celebrate. All in all it was a really good day and just another way of demonstrating our commitment to supporting charities especially when those affected are so close to home.

We are already looking forward to next years charity golf day. Maybe more practice beforehand next time.


John Cain


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