Responsible Energy

Responsible Energy

by Adam Bere


John Cain CEO of Rockfield talked with Adam Bere Head of Consultancy about the changing macro environment of the energy landscape. Here’s what he had to say…


It is clear that globally we are entering a period of environmental awareness and energy transition  – from global Energy majors investing heavily in geothermal and CO2 storage, to glass bottle light weighting to reduce manufacturing energy demands, reduce plastic use and improve transportation efficiency. As with everyone we work with in the Energy industry, all of us at Rockfield care passionately about geology, the environment and responsible operations.  These are exciting times and Rockfield remain positioned to continue providing industry with advanced modelling to ensure safe and effective operations are right first time.  

Providing accessible energy to the World populace is recognised as a factor which helps stabilise economies, enable a shared prosperity and reduces the number of people living in extreme poverty; according to ‘The World Bank’ global access of the World population to electricity has increased from 77% to 89% between 1998 and 2018, and over the same time period the World poverty head count has reduced from 30% to 9.3%.  However, now is the time to act to diversify the sources of energy, without penalising the development of any country or person, but provide them with more opportunities for growth, health and wellbeing.  The invention of novel energy sources to aid those in poor and remote communities is epitomised by Trevor Baylis who in the early 1990’s jointly invented a wind-up radio which, by muscle power alone, provided vital health education during the Aids epidemic.  

Rockfield have always provided advanced solutions to engineering problems, and we have no intention of slowing down! In fact we are seeing more and more exciting opportunities to provide solutions for the energy transition.  We are actively involved in consultancy and joint industry projects involving geothermal, glass light-weighting and CO2 storage.  Many don’t know, but the early years of Rockfield were focused on modelling the glass manufacturing process over 35 years ago now!

We have experienced software developers and consultancy engineers who are keen and ready to apply their knowledge base to each new challenge.  Let us know your challenge, and we’ll join with you to find a solution.


Share your thoughts and drop me a line at john.cain@rockfieldglobal.com.





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