Elfen Wellbore Software Elfen Wellbore Software

Elfen wellbore & well log v.1.7 

Release date: 1st October 2020


Successful hydrocarbon recovery has become increasingly challenging with the oil and gas industry exploring reservoirs under unfavourable geological conditions. Many operations rely on wellbore stability, usually provided by suitable mud-weight. Estimating the operating mud-weight window requires the combination of in-situ stress conditions, well trajectory and formation material properties to eliminate instability issues.


Elfen well log software is a simple yet powerful tool, which amongst other operations conducts analytical calculations to predict the onset of plastic yielding and damage around a wellbore. However, since analytical assumptions can become limiting, Elfen well log is directly integrated with Elfen wellbore, a dedicated finite element software package for modelling near-wellbore scenarios. These models can be used to assess more accurately areas of concern initially raised from analytical estimates.  Together with advanced constitutive material models, various complex mechanisms can be captured including:

wellbore-1.7-stability-image-1-b.png wellbore-1.7-stability-image-1-b.png


Rockfield icon    Breakout and breakdown modes 


Rockfield icon    Assessment of any stress condition


Rockfield icon    Full range of well inclination / azimuth


Rockfield icon    Automated parameter sensitivity studies









Analytical Wellbore Stability; Mud-Weight Window and Sensitivity to Well Trajectory (Polar Plots)


Features and Benefits:


rockfield-icon-1colour-2-256x256.png    Integration between log-based data /assessment and state-of-the-art finite element modelling; parameters directly mapped from 1D/3D MEM

rockfield-icon-1colour-2-256x256.png    Robust modelling of complex phenomena with simple, intuitive and fast UI

rockfield-icon-1colour-2-256x256.png    Elfen well log includes predefined functions such as mud-weight windows and polar plots, as well as a process editor for bespoke calculations

rockfield-icon-1colour-2-256x256.png    Sophisticated material models capable of representing 

●  Tensile, shear and compaction yielding

●  Planes of weakness / bedding

rockfield-icon-1colour-2-256x256.png    Tools aid managing and mitigating risk:

●  Address uncertainty (sensitivity assessment)

●  Understanding of operating conditions and setting safety factors




Wellbore Rupture Modes due to Various Stress Conditions and Mud-weights
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