Maintaining a position at the forefront of technology, developing key knowledge and the understanding of cutting edge applications with the capability of proposing new solutions for new sectors requires a continued involvement with R&D – an environment familiar to Rockfield since 1985.

Rockfield has maintained and continues to be active in R&D environments through several different channels;

  • Industrial and academic research consortiums
  • Grant based activities
  • Company (client) led initiatives
  • Internally led initiatives
  • University research
  • PhD and sponsorships

Rockfield organise and participate in a number of Joint Industry Projects (JIP), including some through the oil and gas industry ITF facility, located in Aberdeen, whose key objectives are to identify technology needs, foster innovation and facilitate the development and implementation of new technologies.

Rockfield has good working relationships with many centres of excellence throughout the world including;

  • Faculty of Engineering, Swansea University, Prof. D.R.J. Owen
  • Faculty of Engineering, Swansea University, Prof. Y. T. Feng
  • Faculty of Engineering, Swansea Univeristy, Prof Chenfen Li
  • CiPEG Leeds University, Prof. Quentin Fisher
  • Bristol University Earth Sciences, Prof. Mike Kendall
  • Austin University, TEXAS – Geofluids and AGL consortia
  • Simon Fraser University, Canada. Prof. Doug Stead