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Hydraulic fracturing is a technique widely used within the petroleum industry to enhance recovery of hydrocarbons from very low porosity reservoirs.

Improved planning and design of hydraulic fracture stimulations could significantly increase the profitability and ultimate recovery; however it requires knowledge of many complex and interdependent phenomena such as; flow of the fracturing liquid in both the hydraulic fractures and in the rock matrix, the stress field evolution as the fracture propagates, the interaction of the propagating fracture with natural fractures and finally the transport and deposition of proppant along the hydraulic fractures.

The ability to computationally model hydraulic fracture development and subsequent gas production can significantly help to optimise drilling, stimulation and work-over programs in tight gas reservoirs.

Here we propose to enhance the FE-based modelling technology and microseismic methodology developed under FRACGAS I JIP in the areas of:

  1. enabling the mixed mode fracturing
  2. allowing for multi-phase flow
  3. hydraulic fracturing for Oil reservoirs
  4. linking computational technology for assessment of current days stress, forward modelling, and hydro fracture modelling


Participation fee: £40,000 per annum

Term length: 2 years

Discount available on the Elfen tgr licence

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